Ways To Destress

Hey everyone!

This post is going to include different ways to help you destress and relax.  Obviously everyone is different, and may not find all these things destressing, but these things help me when I feel stressed, if I feel like I need a little break from what I am doing, or even if I am feeling a bit nervous.  I think taking time out to relax when you are stressed is so important, as it helps clear your mind.  When I was doing my exams, I feel like I didn't take enough time to relax, as I was so stressed and worried, I just felt like I had to revise all the time, which meant I got even more stressed out, but when I did take a break I would be thinking 'I need to be revising'.  So even if you just take 10-20 minutes to sit down, away from work, I think it still it helps.

I feel that moving away from the place that you are feeling stressed in can help you unwind, for example if you are completing work at a desk, move from the desk and take time to chill out.  I find that taking a walk, whether you are by yourself, with a family member or walking your dog, really helps relax me, as I am moving away from where I was stressed which I find helps me to chill out.  I also find that taking a walk gets your mind off everything, whenever I go for a walk I always end up taking photos of the scenery.

I also find that listening to music can help to destress.  Some people may not find it helps them to relax, but I love to listen to music, and I tend to listen to it whatever mood I am in.  When I am feeling stressed I usually shuffle my playlist of favourite songs, and the genres I have in there are completely varied, or sometimes I browse playlists on Spotify, especially the acoustic playlists or the relaxing or calming playlists. I take my earphones everywhere with me, so if I'm ever nervous or stressed I just listen to music.

Another thing I usually do to destress is reading. I find that reading really helps me to relax because it focuses my mind on something else instead of what was making me feel stressed.  I love reading and I love both fiction and non fiction. I'm always looking for new books to purchase, and if I'm out for the day I tend to take a book with me in case I get bored in the car or just feel like reading.

Whenever I want to relax I always like to have a cup of tea.  For a while now I have liked having herbal teas, some of my favourites are green tea, honey, lemon and ginger tea, and chamomile, vanilla and manuka honey tea.  All of these teas are by the brand Pukka, they have such a variety of different teas, and I can't wait to try more of their teas.  I think taking time to have a cup of tea is so calming, even if you have tea whilst working, I think it helps to relax you.

I hope you all enjoyed this post.  If you have any other ways that you find help you to destress, or find that the things I mentioned help you relax, let me know in the comments.

Do more of what makes you happy! 😊💖



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