My Favourite Youtubers and Bloggers

Hey everyone!

For this post I have decided to share my favourite Youtubers and Bloggers.  I'm not sure about you, but I love finding out new Youtubers to watch, or new blogs to read, so it is why I decided on writing them in a post.  Most of the Youtubers I am going to mention are quite well known, so yoou have probably heard of them, but I still wanted to make this post anyway.  I hope you enjoyed my post last week, which was 'Ways To Destress' and if you haven't already, please go check it out!


I love watching Youtube, so I have quite a few different favourite Youtubers. I'm not going to mention them in any particular order, it's just going to be random.  I will link their channels to their names.

Firstly, one of my favourite Youtubers is Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog Vlogs).  When I first started watching Youtube, I watched Alfie's main channel videos and vlogs, but then I found loads of different Youtubers, and I wasn't really watching Alfie.  I have been watching Alfie everyday for the past month, so since him and Zoe moved into their new house.  I love watching both Alfie and Zoe's vlogs, but I would say I probably watch Alfie's more as their vlogs are similar sometimes.

Another one of my favourite Youtubers is Emily Canham (Vlogs and main channel videos).  I have watched Emily's videos for 2-3 years and I love her videos and vlogs.  I loved seeing her and Jake together in their vlogs, as I just think they suit each other and were a good couple, so I couldn't believe it when they announced they had broken up.  Anyway, I love Emily's videos because I love the types of videos she uploads, ad I find she has good tips and advice, and just enjoy watching her videos and vlogs.

Jake Boys is also one of my favourite Youtubers (Vlogs and main channel videos) as I just find him hilarious! Like Emily, I have also been watching Jake's videos for about 2-3 years, as I find their channels at the same time, as they were a couple.  One of my favourite vlogs Jake recently uploaded is when he tried making minion cakes, I couldn't stop laughing! Jake just always makes me alugh and smile.  Relating to Jake, I also love to watch his brother, Tom Boys, Tom is also hilarious and most of his videos are very funny!

I also love watching JustJodes.  I love the types of videos she uploads, and just enjoy watching her videos.  She also has a vlog channel, however I do prefer her main channel videos, although I do enjoy watching her vlogs too.  Also, she often tweets quotes, and I find them so inspiring and motivating.

I like watching Saffron Barker's videos too (Vlogs and main channel videos).  I have watched Saffron for around 1 year now, and I like watching her vlogs, however some of her main channel videos are so funny. I like Saffron's 'I'm A Youtuber' series, which she usually uploads the same time that 'I'm A Celebrity' is on TV.  She recently uploading a collab with Olly Murs, which I couldn't stop laughing at, it was so funny!

I also really like the SacconeJolys. I love watching their vlogs everyday as they always make me laugh and smile.  I find Johnathan so funny, and they are such a great family.

The final Youtuber I am going to mention is Seanelliottoc.  I love his videos as I find him funny, and he always makes me smile.


Like I mentioned before, I will be randomly listing bloggers, and a few of them are well known, so you may have heard of them.  I will link their blogs to their names.  Instead of writing about them individually, I will mention them all together as it's a lot easier and I feel like I would be writing pretty much the same thing for each one. I find that all these bloggers are great writers, and I really enjoy reading the posts they upload. So my favourite bloggers are:

Poppy Deyes

Niomi Smart 


Tanya Burr 


Natalie Leanne

Simply Elisse 

Annie Chanie 

This blog post was kind of different, and I hope you enjoyed it!  Be sure to let me know if you check out any of these Youtubers and bloggers if you haven't already, or if you have favourite Youtubers and bloggers you love that I haven't mentioned!

Do more of what makes you happy! 😊💖#



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