College Experience

Hey everyone!

I'm very sorry that there hasn't been a blog post for the passed two weeks, I have been busy with college and getting back into the routine. Better late than never I suppose?! But I will be trying to get a post up every week when I have time and get into a routine.

Everyone has been back to school/college for three weeks now (well in the UK), and I hope you've had a good time back so far! So as the title says, I'm going to share my experience of college this year so far, and hopefully it may help some of you for when you are faced with similar situations.

Last year I was in college, I had friends in college that had been my friends in school, however, I never really had the chance to make friends.  Obviously part of this is down to myself not being confident enough.  So after thinking about my career path, I decided that the course was not for me and there was a more suited course to me.  However, despite me not enjoying the course very much, I passed the year with grades I am very proud of!

So that takes me to now...a new year of college, and starting a new course.  I was soooo nervous to start this year due to not knowing anyone at all on my course.  My main worries and thoughts constantly in my mind were 'How will I make friends?', 'What if I don't make friends' and 'What if everyone knows somebody in the class already?'. I tried to think positively, however I feel like I really couldn't. I guess you could say I had a bit of a wobble on the first day, I got a bit upset...I was just too worried about not having friends.

I knew I had to do something out of my comfort zone...make conversations with people.  To me, talking to people, especially people I don't know I find absolutely nerve wracking, and it's definitely something I struggle with, but without doing it, I wouldn't have friends.  So, I spoke to a few different people and realised that others felt exactly the same as me.  And now because I spoke to people on my first day, I have now made friends on my course! It may sound silly, but I do feel happy and proud of myself, because within the last year I feel like my confidence has grown a lot.

So, my advice would be (although it seems obvious), talk to people, they are most probably going to be feeling exactly the same.  I know it is harder that it seems for someone who is shy, but you will feel relieved and proud once you have managed to overcome it and actually start a conversation and make friends!

When you first start a course, the workload obviously isn't going to be a lot as they have to introduce you to the course, and outline how the year will go and all the criteria for the different units (for BTEC).  I had my first assignment this year fairly quickly, I think it was in the first week, and have had a couple of assignments since, but I don't think I have had heavy workloads yet.

From completing a BTEC course last year, I discovered to manage the workload, it is best to try and get an assignment completed as soon as possible after receiving it. Obviously that isn't always possible.  Also, sometimes I found I would often be sad there daydreaming because I had no idea what to write or didn't understand the tip is definitely ask for help! Don't sit there struggling, because you want to achieve the best don't you?! And to do so, you need to understand the task.

I know this post probably wasn't the best and probably wasn't that helpful, however I will update my college experience further in the year, which will hopefully be more helpful.  Anyway...I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will try and stick to my schedule so that a post goes up every week!

Do more of what makes you happy! 😊💖



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