My Trip to Amsterdam!

Hey everyone!

I hope you enjoyed my last post, which was 'Places I'd Like To Visit'. As you can tell from the title, this post is about my trip to Amsterdam. I will talk about my whole experience, from flying, to arriving, to the things I did and leaving. I'm just going to go straight into the post because I'm so excited to be writing about this!

It was honestly the most incredible experience, and I definitely would like to go back there.  I had been waiting for months to go, since it was booked, and when the time finally came to leave for the airport I was ecstatic! I went for 3 days, so 4 nights, but I will talk about the day I went and the day I left. I will also include some photos I took. 😊

Day 1:

I wasn't really nervous about flying until we were queuing to board the   plane. I didn't feel that calm until we landed but the flight overall was really good, and it was a short flight too.

When we arrived in Amsterdam, I was still a little nervous as I had totally no idea what expect over there, and it was so different.  The day we got there, it was about 7:00pm (Amsterdam time, so an hour ahead of the UK).  I didn't do much that night, we just had dinner and took a walk to do a bit of exploring.  I only felt properly calm and settled until later that night, but I guess that is understandable when you first arrive in a different country.
The sky night 1😍😊

Day 2:

On the second day, we went sightseeing and went to the Anne Frank House, which was an absolutely amazing but upsetting experience. I would 100% recommend going to this if you are ever in Amsterdam, as the whole story is just so moving.  While it is very hard to believe it happened, it's so interesting to learn about the history.  Going to this museum and seeing the house has made me so interested in learning more about history since I have been home.  I also went to Madame Tussaud.  I enjoyed it, but I don't think it was my favourite part as the waxworks were freaking me out when
I walked up to them! 😂 In the evening we took a ferry trip across the water and had dinner in a cool restaurant, which wasn't far from the A'DAM Lookout, which looks absolutely incredible, but we didn't have time to go there.

The Anne Frank  House
The Madame Tussaud building

Evening walk

Amsterdam snapchat filter

Day 3: 

We just did a bit of shopping on this day.  I went into Forever 21 for the first time, which I found really good! We also went into a really nice department store, which was huge, and a nice shopping mall.  I had the best meal that day...The restaurant/cafe was so nice and the pancakes were the best pancakes I've ever had! We hopped back on the tram and went to the hotel for a little rest, then we went back out in the evening.  I knew about The Fault In Our Stars scene filmed in Amsterdam with the bench, and luckily, I had time to go and see it that evening.  We went on a canal cruise, which was very nice.  It was great to see many of the buildings.
Canal Cruise
The Fault In Our Stars bench

Canal Cruise
Canal Cruise

Day 4:

The dreaded final day 🙁.  On the final day, we went to the Van Gogh Museum.  I really enjoyed that too, although there was so much to look at.  It's definitely worth going there, and I recommend going.  I also went on a city canal cruise.  I guess it was similar to the evening cruise we had the previous evening, but it was slightly different, as we passed through different canals. For the rest of the final day, we just walked around exploring and relaxing.

Van Gogh Museum
One of many canals

Final evening in Amsterdam.
Beautiful sky and sunset

Day 5:

I was so sad to be leaving, but it happens anywhere you go, you always want to be in the place longer.  We had to be up super early to get to the airport.  Like I was when flying out, I only got nervous when we were boarding the plane.  However, I wasn't nervous when we were actually flying. The flight going back, I'd say was slightly smoother than on the way out there, but they were both good.  It was strange coming home to smaller sized buildings and being in a quieter place, but I was glad to be in my own bed.

Like I already mentioned, my trip to Amsterdam was absolutely incredible.  It's so busy over there, bikes everywhere, and trams.  I guess you only really know once going there and experiencing it, and I never expected it to be as busy as it was, but to be honest, I didn't know what to expect at all.  We were so busy in Amsterdam, we did so much walking and managed to fit in so many things whilst we were there, and although I was very tired when I got home, I wouldn't have changed it for the world.
I am hoping to go back to Amsterdam one day like I mentioned earlier, and I would definitely say to go there, because in my opinion, it was a fantastic holiday.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I loved writing about my experience and any other places I visit, I will be sure to write about! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or you can tweet me @mydailylife_123. I'm sorry the photos aren't arranged any better, they kept going awkward and kept messing around when I tried arranging them.  I took a lot more photos but didn't want to put them all on this post.
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