How To Stay Organised and Motivated

Hey everyone!

As it's getting closer to the time where everyone goes back to school/college after the summer holidays, I thought I would try and upload a helpful post of how to stay organised and motivated. I will list the tips, and I know they might be obvious, or maybe silly, but it all helps right?!

Tip 1: Buy a new bag

Buying a new bag isn't a necessity, but if like me you love bags then it's always nice to get a new one.  If one year I bought a really good bag, I haven't always needed to buy a new one every year, so I kept the same bag.  Like everything, there's just something exciting about having a new bag!

Tip 2: Buy some new stationary

One of my main reasons for loving going back to school/college after the summer is because I LOVE stationary, and love watching back to school hauls on YouTube.  I feel like when I buy new stationary before starting a new school year, it motivates me, and I'm the type of person who spends absolutely ages looking at what stationary to get and can never choose! Even if it's just buying a new notepad, pens or a pencil case, who doesn't love new stationary?! I have a ton of unused stationary, but still carry on purchasing new supplies...opps haha.

Tip 3: Have a diary

When I was in school, the school gave diaries out so you could keep track of homework and have timetables for lessons, and stuff like that.  Last year I went to college and bought myself a diary, which was a day to a page.  However, I didn't use it a lot an felt like it was a waste of paper as on certain days I didn't need to write anything down in my diary.  So this year I am going to get a smaller diary, as I love having a diary to help me stay organised.

Tip 4: Keep 'To Do' Lists

Whatever level of education you are in, or even work, I feel like 'to do' lists really help.  Whether the list has 2 or 10 things to do, it is useful to help you keep track what you need to get done and also, its easier to remember and stay on top of what you have already completed.  I like using sticky notes, or even 'to do list' papers, which I find a lot of stationary suppliers sell now.  However, even just writing them in the notes app on your phone or in a notepad I find still helps! Also, once you have written your to do list, prioritise the tasks, so that you work more efficiently.  I find prioritising tasks really helps.

Tip 5: Have a tidy work space at home

I really think that having a clear space to do your work at home really helps, as I often find myself distracted if my work space is cluttered. Having a tidy desk, or area to complete work, in my opinion motivates me to get the work done.

Tip 6: Set yourself goals

They may only be small goals like 'always handing in work in on time', or 'wake up early', or they could be goals which you would like to achieve within the academic year.  I find setting small goals makes it a lot easier to achieve them, and when goals are achieved, its motivating as it makes you want to carry on achieving goals.

Tip 7: Take breaks

When studying, it's easy to feel stressed out and that means finding it hard to concentrate.  Taking breaks, even if it's just to make a cup of tea, it'll help to relax you.  Personally, I like to take a break to calm down and relax if I'm stressing, because when going back to studying, I feel like my mind is a bit clearer and it can be easier to focus and I'm more relaxed.  I just think taking breaks when studying is important and good to help you stay motivated and relaxed.

Tip 8: Try and stay positive!

I know this is easier said than done, and believe me, it's not always easy...but trying to stay positive can have positive outcomes.  As people say "Positive Mental Attitude".  Like a lot of students, I struggled with positivity while completing my GCSEs and even more so when waiting for my results...the build up to results day is so nerve wracking! But now I have realised obviously, that worrying doesn't solve or change anything, but it can affect you personally.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe found it helpful.  I would like to do more posts on positivity, so look out for more blog posts on that topic! Like I already mentioned, some of these may sound silly or obvious, but hopefully they helped some people.

Do more of what makes you happy! 😊💖



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