Places I'd Like To Visit

Hey everyone!

Earlier this week I was kind of torn on what post to upload today, so I decided to run a poll on twitter (@mydailylife_123) and the idea with the most votes was 'Places I'd like to visit', so I will just talk about a few of places I'd like to visit (no particular order), and any sights I'd like to see, as I LOVE sightseeing! Who doesn't though?! I decided to have this as one of the posts to upload, because I am very interested in travel/travelling, and one day I would like to have the opportunity to visit many different countries.

Firstly, one place I would like to visit, and have always wanted to is New York, and I'm sure everyone else wants to go too.  I would love to visit New York around Christmas time, I just think it would look amazing.  Of course it would look amazing anytime of the year, but I just think being there around Christmas time would be nice, as it would look pretty.

In New York I would like to see a few of the well known attractions.  I would like to see the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, as I think it would be a truly amazing experience to be able to see the memorial and after learning about it in school, it made me really want to visit it to see it and learn a little more. I would also like to see Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and MSG (Madison Square Garden) just because I think it would be amazing to see an event there, especially a concert!  I would also like to go The New York Botanical Garden. I love going to places like this.  There is a botanical garden not far from me, and I loved it there, so I'd love to see this one.  And obviously, I would love to go shopping in New York.

Canada is also a place I definitely would love to visit! The main cities I want to visit in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal. Like any city, I just love the city views that I've seen online in Canada. To go travelling in the cities in Canada that I mentioned would be incredible, and I'd love to do that one day. There's not really anything specific I would plan to see, I would like to see the CN Tower and the Toronto skyline, the Royal Ontario Museum, Niagara Falls because the waterfalls look incredible, and I would also like to go to the Banff National Park.

I would also like to visit Italy one day.  I want to visit Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples and Florence.  Italy has always been a place I want to visit, and I don't really know why...I guess it has always appealed to me. Also I love Italian food. I think I would just enjoy walking round exploring and sightseeing, seeing all the history, it just seems so nice there.

A couple of years ago when Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart (Youtubers) were together, they were both my favourite YouTubers, (Niomi is still one of my favourites) they visited Bali, and since watching their videos and vlogs when they went, I have wanted to go.  It just looks so incredible in Bali, and I would absolutely love to go there one day.

Monte Carlo has also always been on my list of places since a few of my family members visited there a few years ago.  Monte Carlo really does look amazing, especially Monaco. I'm not a massive fan of Formula 1, but my family like it, so it would be awesome to see the Monaco Grand Prix one day. (Or any of the places that the Grand Prix is held).

Another place I want to visit one day is Germany.  In Germany, I would love to go to Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich.  Like Italy, I don't really have a reason for wanting to visit Germany, other than just wanting to go there one day.  I have wanted to go to Germany ever since learning German in school, which I really enjoyed.  Germany just looks amazing.

I really enjoyed writing this post, and I hope you enjoyed reading it! There are lots more places I'd LOVE to visit, so I'm thinking of doing more posts of this title.  Let me know your top places you'd like to visit, or if you have been to, or live in any of the places I have mentioned.  So, definitely look out for another post like this!

Do more of what makes you happy! 😊💖



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