Best Friend Tag With BlogMyLife

Hey everyone!

How was your week?  I hope you are well and have had a great two weeks.  I haven't uploaded a post for two weeks as I have been fairly busy, and I have been working on this blog post!

This blog post is a collaboration with BlogMyLife, who is my best friend. We have decided to do a best friend tag.  For those who don't know what the best friend tag is, it's when you both answer questions for each other, to test how much you really know about your best friend!

So, lets get into the questions...

1. How and where did we meet?

Both: We went to the same school and we've been in the same class since nursery.

2. What's the other's dream job?

MyDailyLife: Working with animals.

BlogMyLife: Photographer.

3. What is the other's favourite TV programme?

MyDailyLife: NCIS Los Angeles

BlogMyLife: Hollyoaks

4. Least favourite food?

MyDailyLife: Soup.

BlogMyLife: Beef burgers.

5. Best friend's favourite animal?

MyDailyLife: Elephants.

BlogMyLife: Monkeys.

6. Each other's favourite shops?

MyDailyLife: Primark, NewLook, Debenhams, IKEA and Vincent Davies.

BlogMyLife: Primark, Schuh, Debenhams, Holland and Barrett, IKEA and NewLook.

7. Favourite thing to have for breakfast?

MyDailyLife: Pikelets

BlogMyLife: Granola

8. Biggest fears?

MyDailyLife: Being centre of attention, thunder and lightning, spiders and bees.

BlogMyLife: Being centre of attention, being chased and spiders.

9. Favourite movie?

MyDailyLife: Passengers.

BlogMyLife: The Edge of Seventeen.

10. What's the other's favourite quote?

MyDailyLife: 'When it rains, look for rainbows.  When it's dark, look for stars.'

BlogMyLife: 'Life is like a camera, you focus on what's important, capture the good times, develop from the negative and if things don't work out, take another shot.'

I hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to ask me questions in the comments.
Go check out BlogMyLife's blog:

Do more of what makes you happy! 😊💖



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